About the Centre

As the Caribbean's first grassroots think tank, our mission is to build bridges between research and policy in CARICOM by contributing policy-relevant research to domestic and regional challenges. By engaging both policymakers and civil society, we aim to build  awareness and influence strategic, forward-thinking policy decisions.

Our core aim is to create sustainable, long-term regional development strategies for CARICOM Member States.

Given the political, economic and social challenges in the region, it is integral that we promote innovative thinking and workable, cost effective strategies for: 

  • deeper integration;

  • long-term sustainable social and economic development;

  • trade policies that support domestic policy goals;

  • energy policies that minimize environmental impact;

  • climate change adaptation strategies;

  • a vibrant and diverse agricultural sector.

We also seeks to educate and engage civil society in reshaping institutions, developing social infrastructure and enhancing rule of law. To this end, we hope to support the development of an innovative, forward-thinking society.

We are an independent policy research institute, and our ideas and policy recommendations are freely available to individuals and organizations within and outside the region. We are not affiliated with any political party or interest group, and remain committed to advocating change through ideas, research and education.