What we do

Education is both the flower and the seed of economic development.
— Frederick Harbison and Charles Meyers

Research is the core component of our work. We produce articles, reports and briefs on integration, social and economic policy, trade, development, foreign policy, energy and climate change, and agriculture. Our staff aims to disseminate our findings through the internet, print and broadcast media throughout the region.

We also aim to host events to promote dialogue and form linkages between domestic and regional policymakers, private sector entities, students, academics and other interested parties.

Research and Publications - In order to contribute to policy dialogue across the region, we conduct both broad and specific research in a number of key areas.

Communication - We aim to publish our research as clearly and as concisely as possible in order to reach a wider audience.

Events  - Recognizing the need for communication between regional stakeholders, we aim to host events to promote greater policy dialogue between various actors across the Caribbean.

Blog - In keeping with the evolution of information dissemination, we aim to publish briefs of all our publications on our blog.

Due to the diversity of our staff, a wide array of views is represented. However, all of our staff and associates support our vision. Our research takes into account both current and historical issues in the region, and we work towards solutions that will be functional, practical and affordable.

We believe that the issues faced by the region can only be resolved through thorough planning and execution of short- and long-term strategies that maximize benefit and minimize loss. We also believe that the involvement of civil society is integral to the success of any policy, and we work toward greater involvement of civil society in the development process.

We aim to produce groundbreaking publications and build a reputation for excellence. To this end, we will seek partnerships with distinguished experts and organizations that share our vision.